7 Habits Of Thin People


05-couple-drinking-coffee-by-the-sea-mainRigorous gym training and crash dieting are not part of this list. Everyone who wanted to lose weight has probably tried these two combined and not one of them worked. Instead, this list includes things that you can do to incorporate weight loss plan into what you regularly do. More importantly, this list includes activities that are fun to do. Bringing in the fun into the weight loss program helps people go through it much easier. Perhaps the best part about this list is that it doesn’t make you give up the food that makes you happy. All you really need is a little bit of everything.

  • First, be a morning person. Get yourself up and get going. Do the regular morning stretching and walk in place for about five minutes. After that, proceed to the next important thing to do in the morning – eat breakfast. Depriving yourself of breakfast won’t do you any good. Get yourself a combination of wheat, some protein and a few slices of your favourite fruit.
  • Second, incorporate protein in your diet, especially when you are working out in the gym. The protein will help build muscle fat and burn the bad fat as you continue to work out. In the long run, you’ll have a well-sculpted body and a healthy one at that too.
  • Third, be the balance booster that you are. Instead of brushing your teeth with two feet on the floor, try to balance standing up using only one leg while the other one is suspended in the air. Do this alternately every thirty seconds. Doing it will make you burn 10 calories.
  • Fourth, give your regular coffee mixture a twist. Instead of drinking up all that coffee topped with whip cream, replace the whip cream with non-fat milk. You’ll be surprised at how good coffee can taste like.
  • Fifth, give justice to the bagel you just ate. Instead of giving this tasty bread altogether, you can instead walk it up so you can burn whatever calories you got from the bagel. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and you don’t have to worry about absorbing another calorie or two.
  • Sixth, be a smart in picking your snacks. You don’t need to give up snacking all together. Instead of eating three to four cookies, why don’t you munch on slices of fruits? Not only will they make you feel full faster and longer, but your body would only be absorbing vitamins and minerals that it needs and not fat or calories.
  • Seventh, on a casual day, you can wear comfortable clothes, so you can work out longer. There are days in a week when work schedule would get in the way of your workout, but you don’t have to feel guilty about that at all. You can always take extra time on casual days.

Which of these seven tips do you think you can do? You can do all of them. These are little tweaks to what you are used to. The only difference is that these things can truly deliver weight loss.