One-Minute Weight Loss Plan


greentea1How much of your time did you use to spend in the gym? Did it take your about two to three hours a day to finish your workout and yet it didn’t seem to deliver the results that you wish it did? Would you believe if somebody told you that you only need a minute a day to lose the extra pounds? If you have a minute, you can trim down your weight to as low as you want it to be. Stop for a minute and start shedding off pounds right now.

With just about a thousand of minutes in a day, you can surely get yourself to lose the pounds. All you need is to incorporate these in your daily routine and you’ll be on your way. You’d be surprised at how much lower your weight would be after just a month.

  • Go for the mix. Instead of drinking your daily glass of juice, you might want to take half of it and fill the other half with sparkling water. Not only will it mean cutting the calories by as much as 70%, but you will be saying yourself from gaining 5 pounds every month.
  • Talk and walk and burn. Did you know that doing the laundry at home can help you burn as much as 85 pound? Talking to your cell can make you burn calories too. Talk and walk more each day and you’ll be able to collect pounds you have shed off.
  • Go for sugar free gum. Chewing gum can make you lose 10 pounds each year. Not only will it keep your mouth too preoccupied that you won’t even notice that hours have passed by with you not eating anything.
  • Pay everything is cash, especially when you are buying eating treats. Those cookies in the shelf look tempting, but when you know you will have to pay for it in cash, you’d be surprised at how much less drive you have to eat. There’s something about paying in cash that makes people have second thoughts.
  • Read the labels. Doing so will save you from consuming more than you should. Sometimes, a bar of chocolate will tell you that it only contains 200 calories, until you read the serving size. Perhaps only a half of the bar is worth 200 calories and if you consume the whole bar, you have actually consumed double the calories.
  • Green tea is good for you. Studies show that drinking green tea before you go for your regular walk can make you burn fat faster than if you skip the tea. The next time you want to hasten the process of fat burning, go for green tea.
  • Diet shakes never work. They do for a month or two until you get tired of drinking them. When you stop, it’s going to make you gain back all the pounds you’ve lost. Ditch the shakes and get yourself healthier by replacing it with fruits and vegetables instead.

A couple of one-minute weight strategies can bring about a lifetime’s worth of change. All you need is indeed one minute.

How To Keep The Weight Off


iStock_000020109612_DoubleHow many weight loss tricks have you tried? Did most of them make you feel like a failure? You have deprived yourself of the foods that you like to eat and enrolled yourself in the gym and yet nothing seems to work. What could be going wrong? Perhaps what you need is to take a different approach. You can try any of these approaches and if you get lucky, one or two of these tips can help you shed off pounds and keep them off for a long time. Here’s how you can achieve your dream body and keep it that way.

  • You need a change of goals.

You don’t need to call dieting as dieting. Since the idea behind dieting is not eating what you usually eat, it is often associated with food deprivation. To keep you from craving for your favourite foods, call your diet as something else. Changing the term makes all the difference.

  • You have to have a meaningful goal. 

You want to lose weight. What’s your goal? If it is getting into the bandwagon of weight loss, you need more meaning than that. The reason why you are trying to lose weight greatly affects your struggle through it. If it is about getting fit to have a healthier life, then that would be a good way to start.

What have you done in the past to address your weight problem? Consider doing again the one that brought about results. And those that efforts that do not seem to deliver results that you like, you should stop doing them and think of other ways to deal with the weight. So if you quit eating snacks because you hope it could help you lose weight, but it doesn’t work, then you can continue snacking, only this time you choose the healthier snacks.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

More often than not, those who quit in the middle of their diet do so, because they have over pushed themselves. Help yourself lose weight, do not get in the way of making it happen. For example, you think jogging will be a physical exercise you can do regularly, then you make time for it. Whether it is early in the morning or after work, making time for it is helping yourself become better.

  • Get all the support that you need. 

If you can come up with a list of friends and family who can show their support to your weight loss program, you’d be a step closer to your goal. Let them know how they can be of help, so they could do their part. Be very specific of what you expect from them, so they could really help you out.

Shedding off pounds is just the first step, the real challenge is how you could keep the weight off. If you could do any of these tips and make them work for you, then you are on the right track. You can get yourself fit in no time!