Double Standard In Weight Loss


victoria_secret_4_models_backgrounds-1280x800Despite the advancements in technology and business, the double standard still seems to keep up with women. Even in weight loss challenges, women still need to work out harder than that of men to be able to achieve their desired weight when they expect to. In fact, when women are asked about the process of how they lose weight, most of them said that they feel frustrated about the major changes they have to make in their daily lifestyle to be able to accommodate the special requirements of weight loss.

On the other hand, men seem to make very little tweaks in their daily activities and yet they seem to lose weight faster than that of women. Is it really true that men can lose weight faster than that of women? If this something that is scientific or is it something that seems to be out of the double standard book of laws? Find out the truth:

Scientifically, the body composition of a man makes it easier for them to shed off pounds, even when they do very little. The very reason for this is the number of muscles that a man has over the number that women have. A woman’s body weight on the other hand has 10% more fat weight that muscle weight. Relatively, a woman’s body is indeed fatter than that of their male counterpart. This is for the very reason that muscle fat burns more calories than the fat tissues contained in a woman’s body.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so obsessed in forming their muscles? Because the truth is that muscles help improve the body’s metabolism. It is the ability of the body to burn fat and turn it into energy. When one’s metabolism is slow, the body tends to absorb more fat that it should. Because a man’s body has a greater number of muscle mass that allows them to burn fat even while they are asleep. A man’s body is scientifically made to have that weight-loss advantage over women and it is not some kind of double standard as many people think.

And yet the opportunity to lose the extra pounds is open to both men and women. Each has the chance to work on improving their health on their way to achieving the body of their dreams. A woman may seem to work harder than that of men to be able to achieve her goal, but it works to her advantage. Not only will the process of weight loss make them look and feel good, but it will enable them to discover their potentials. It is all about the renewed strength that will make the whole weight loss process worth it.

A woman has got to take this as a challenge to overcome. A man may be able to burn calories in his sleep, but a woman can learn more about herself when she submit it to strenuous training. There is no double standard in weight loss, only opportunities for self-growth.