Weight Loss Secrets You Don’t Know About


Fotolia_46047404_Subscription_XXLAre you wondering what experts in weight loss think about the tedious process it takes for ordinary people to actually lose weight? You’d be surprised that the experts know more than they tell you. Here are some weight loss secrets you never knew about.

While the saying says that too much of everything is bad for everyone, eating too little of what is healthy is the reason why you are fat. Do you know how much Transfat is present at that piece of hotdog you ate last night at the games? Or do you have any idea how much carbohydrates and fat are contained in a handful of French Fries that you ate on your way home? Just imagine how life would be like with a little less fat off your diet, it might just be perfect!

  • A Chocolate a day can make you lose weight.

That must have caught you off guard. There are indeed many excuses not to have chocolate in your life. Sure, they have high calorie content and high in sugar too and they can be bad for you if you overeat. But isn’t overeating of anything bad for your health too? The problem about most diets is that they deprive you of the things that you want to eat, causing you to crave more. When you give in to the craving that is when true weight gain begins.

  • Milk and other dairy products can help you reduce weight. 

You must have thought this is one of those myths about dairy products, but it is not. Nutritionists say that calcium deficiency means the body holds on to more fat than it should. As a result, people tend to eat more and thus lose their control of their appetite. More studies have even showed that yogurt and non-fat milk can hasted the process of digestion, accelerating the whole bodily process of weight loss.

  • Lose weight fast and you won’t have to worry about weight gain ever again. 

Slow and steady – that is how most diet experts describe the process of weight loss. You’d be surprised to know that the truth is quite the opposite. If you lose weight fast, the likelihood of you gaining it all back is very slow. Working hard to shed off weight fast will help correct your metabolism and the success of keeping your body healthy will only achieve long term success.

  • Exercise will never make you lose weight. 

Even if you spend the whole day exercising, if you do not couple it with proper diet, you will never lose weight. Exercise makes up 70% of the total weight loss program and unless you work out your diet plan which makes up for the 30%, it would be impossible to lose weight and keep it off your body.

Everyone’s got a secret and even weight loss experts have them too. Now that you know five of their precious secrets, you have to make sure you put it into good use.