Weight Loss Without Dieting: How Is it Done?


4What is your idea of a weight loss programs? Of course you wish it would be easy to do and effective. And yet, every person you meet who is into a diet program would tell you that the journey to your ideal weight will not come easy. Most of your family and friends will tell you that the secret to total weight loss is to diet yourself. Keep yourself from eating your favourite treats and you’ll be in for the surprise of your life. But does weight loss have to be all about dieting? Does it always mean you have to eat everything that you used to not eat, because they are just too healthy?

Here are ideas on how it should be done.

  • Be a slow eater. Time yourself and try as much as you can to finish your food in a span of twenty to thirty minutes. This trick should be on top of every type of weight loss program. The idea behind this concept is that slow eating will allow the body to break down the food faster and absorb only very little of the fats and calories that it normally does when you eat as fast as you do every time. You have got to give yourself the time to send signals to the brain that you are already full. If you eat too fast, you won’t know your full until you feel bloated.
  • How much sleep do you get every night? If you are sleeping less than eight hours a day, your body tends to find comfort in food, which only means that your lack of sleep will make you eat more. So if you want to lose weight, make sure to invest in sleep. The more that you sleep, the less that you will weigh. This is one of those strategies for weight loss that does not require as much. In fact, it can be said that this is the most relaxing so far.
  • What’s the portion of veggies and fruits in your serving? The problem about your diet is that you may be serving more protein rich and calorie rich foods that you should. Instead of cutting down on calorie intake, serve more fruits and vegetables. That way, you don’t have to eat less, but eat more of the healthy stuff. The higher fiber content of the food that you eat will mean more calories getting burned as you go through the day.
  • Eat more soup and you won’t have to feel hungry anymore. If your diet is based on the healthy type of soup like that of tomato or pumpkin, you don’t have to think about claories at all. Instead, your body will make you feel like it has got all the energy it needs to get through the day. The more soup you eat, the more weight you lose. Try this change for two weeks to see results.

You’d be glad to read through and find out how weight loss can be achieved even without dieting. With a few little tweaks of how you usually get things done, you will be able to achieve your desired weight, without feeling deprived at all.