World Secrets to Weight Loss


Fotolia_33736133_Subscription_XXLIf you think you are alone in your desire to lose weight, you are wrong. There are so many people out there who are going through the same struggle as you do. In fact, no country or continent can truly say that they all have healthy citizens. In every part of the world, there is a likelihood of more than one person who is dealing with a weight problem. It has become a world phenomenon that nutritionists from across continents have come up with their own way to help people thrive without starving themselves. Prepare yourself to go around the world with this global nutrition guide:

Thailand: Add a bit more spice to improve metabolism. 

You don’t have to give up eating at all. With a little more spice like that of Thai food, you can easily increase your metabolism. And yet the real benefit of having to eat your favourite dish with a zing is that it slows up your eating. Because spicy food can be so engaging, yet it is a test of how much you can take. Since it will allow you to moderate the eating habits and eat slower, you’ll feel full even after eating a little.

United Kingdom: Keep everything small. 

In this day and age where every restaurant seems to offer oversize meals, you can’t help but simply dig in, right? However, if you want to shed off the pounds, then you have to keep everything small. Though you are offered for an upsize when you order at fast food restaurants, it would be best to say no to the offer. Keeping it small will only mean less effort because you will have less carbohydrates to burn later.

Brazil: Upgrade your food combination. 

Are you a lover of rice or any other form of carbohydrates? Do not fret. You don’t have to give that up. However, in Brazil, what they do is that they substitute a portion of their carbohydrate load to something lighter with, but offers the same nutritional benefits like beans. A combination of rice and beans and a small portion of meat would be it.

Indonesia: Fasting can be good for you too, at least, once in a while. 

In Indonesia, most people are Muslims and they submit themselves to fasting at a special time in a year. Although they are doing this as part of their religious practice, Muslims are able to benefit from it as it helps them regular their food intake. Because of their yearly fasting, Muslims have become healthier. Although fasting is not an ideal option if you want to lose weight, it can help break eating patterns that makes a lot of overweight people fat.

Poland: Eat more often at home. 

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Not only will it save you money, but it can help you avoid foods that might contain ingredients that can cause you to gain more weight at a shorter amount of time. More importantly, you can encourage yourself to cook something that’s healthy. You’ll have more time in the kitchen and bonding with the family when you eat more often at home.