CBD Oil and CBD product benefits in the Uk

Have you ever heard about CBD Oil and the cannabinoid system? Today i am going to tell you a story about how i came across this amazing product. And how it has helped me take back my life and really started living again.

5 years ago

i was involved in a car accident and i broke my leg in 3 different places. Ever since then i have gone through 4 operations in my leg. And this last 2 years i have been really struggling. With phantom pains and a hard time walking without a cane. For the pain i have been ordered to take these pills from my doctor. And for the walking they have just offered me to go to the gym every other week.

Broken knee

This has been a spiral that is just going downwards instead of up and my life had become. A real nightmare with pain every hour of the day until a friend told me. About this CBD products he had been using for his back pain. When he talked about how fast and how much his CBD oil was helping him for his pain. I almost thought he was lying or at least not objective.

Kne bedtime

4 months ago he got a gift from his normal CBD shop and it contained. A bonus card for one free CBD oil so he asked me if i wanted to try it. And as my own options to getting better with my own problems was not going in the right direction. I thought i had nothing to loose, even though i had never tried. Or even been close to Cannabis in my entire life.

I used the Bonus Card

to buy a 10% CBD oil from Herbmed here in UK. And i have to say the process of getting this to my doorstep. In just 2 days was just as easy as getting my tea ready in the morning. 🙂 I followed the instructions and started with one drop of CBD oil. And already that first night i could feel some sort of relief. And woke up really early and felt so fresh.

cbd oil

Now 4 months later i am totally of the opiats my doctor had instructed me. To take and also i am going to the gym every day and my cane is long gone. This has really helped me so much i can thank my friend enough for this perfect product.