Some facts about protein powder

Protein powder is popular among many athletes and athletes, but is protein powder at all necessary to be able to train?

Protein powderbag

Protein powder should not replace proper food but can be used as a supplement if you have not received enough protein or as a snack if you are in a hurry or cannot carry cool products such as cottage cheese or kesella.

The proteins have important functions in our body

Simply put, one could say that proteins are the result of our genetic code. Our DNA is the instructions for how the body should synthesize all different kinds of proteins. In the body there are a variety of functions for proteins, such as enzymes in various chemical processes, such as signal molecule, transport protein or give structure to tissues.

Food rich in protein

It is through the food we get in us proteins. Importantly, it is necessary to eat full-fledged proteins, i.e. proteins made up of appropriate proportions of the essential amino acids our body cannot do itself.

Examples of foods that have full protein content are:

Among the vegetarian foods, beans are good basic foods to get enough protein. Chickpeas also contain relatively high levels of protein.

Both beef and chicken are good sources of protein. All types of seafood are also good sources.

Lenses are an underestimated source of both carbohydrates and protein. Compared to pasta and rice, lentils contain slow carbohydrates and at the same time have good protein content.

Another name for protein is actually egg whites, which is because egg whites are extremely protein-rich.

It is not everyone who benefits from consuming protein powder

Common people with normal activity levels cover their protein needs only when they follow the official dietary advice and eat a varied diet. Therefore, if you should take protein powder, it depends on both your diet and your exercise habits.

Protein powder is primarily intended to be used by elite athletes who train every day and want to build up the muscles after heavy strength passes or tough tempering. Therefore, there is no reason to pour protein powder into the water bottle if you are a normal regular practitioner.