What is a vape and how does it work?

Vape is using an electronic device to get nicotine through steam (nicotine is optional). A selected e-juice for vaping is heated by the evaporator in your vape and creates steam. An evaporator, or vape, is what is used to get nicotine (if you choose this).

There is a whole sea of ​​vape’s out there and there is one for all tastes.
Mechanical, regulated, mtl, cigalike, yes supply is large and within these categories there are several subcategories.

So, how does a vape work?
  1. A vape works in different ways but everyone has a basic process. That looks like this.
  2. The battery in the unit drives the burner which is activated by a button located on your vape.
  3. The combustor in turn heats up the liquid that produces steam
  4. When the liquid is heated, the steam is produced.
  5. Then you inhale in and out through the nozzl.
Then comes the question, what is an e-juice?

Ejuice is a liquid designed for ecigs, which contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerta (VG). Ejuice for vaping comes in several different flavors, one for each person.
Before nicotine was already added to the ejuice for vape. But today because of new laws, one must add the nicotine itself if one wants it.

What different vapes are there out there?


As the name says, is a vape that looks like a regular cigarette. In a cigalike you do not use ejuice, but it comes with “cartridges” that you attach to the back.

Vape pen

Vape pen

This is a larger version of a cigalike, it contains several parts since cigalikes only have battery plus cartridges. this has nozzle, clearomiser and a battery.
Cigvape pen is good for those who want a vape where you can decide for yourself what taste you want, since the clearomise is a tank where you fill up the ejuice yourself.
It is also better for your finances as you do not have to throw and buy new ones.

Box mod

Most have larger batteries than a cigvape pen and also larger combustor / tank. Which means more steam and more flavor.
You can regulate the temperature and the effect on a box mod. Which gives you more freedom to get exactly what you want out of your vaping.

In short, the sea is almost infinite and there is a vape for everyone’s taste and style. Today you can get custom made fashion, coils in different designs, colors, juices, yes everything you can think of. Swish into your local vape store or visit someone online, take your time, have questions and there is always someone available to you.