Some facts about protein powder

Protein powder is popular among many athletes and athletes, but is protein powder at all necessary to be able to train?

Protein powder should not replace proper food but can be used as a supplement if you have not received enough protein or as a snack if you are in a hurry or cannot carry cool products such as cottage cheese or kesella.

The proteins have important functions in our body

Simply put, one could say that proteins are the result of our genetic code. Our DNA is the instructions for how the body should synthesize all different kinds of proteins. In the body there are a variety of functions for proteins, such as enzymes in various chemical processes, such as signal molecule, transport protein or give structure to tissues.

Food rich in protein

It is through the food we get in us proteins. Importantly, it is necessary to eat full-fledged proteins, i.e. proteins made up of appropriate proportions of the essential amino acids our body cannot do itself.

Examples of foods that have full protein content are:

Among the vegetarian foods, beans are good basic foods to get enough protein. Chickpeas also contain relatively high levels of protein.

Both beef and chicken are good sources of protein. All types of seafood are also good sources.

Lenses are an underestimated source of both carbohydrates and protein. Compared to pasta and rice, lentils contain slow carbohydrates and at the same time have good protein content.

Another name for protein is actually egg whites, which is because egg whites are extremely protein-rich.

It is not everyone who benefits from consuming protein powder

Common people with normal activity levels cover their protein needs only when they follow the official dietary advice and eat a varied diet. Therefore, if you should take protein powder, it depends on both your diet and your exercise habits.

Protein powder is primarily intended to be used by elite athletes who train every day and want to build up the muscles after heavy strength passes or tough tempering. Therefore, there is no reason to pour protein powder into the water bottle if you are a normal regular practitioner.

What is a vape and how does it work?

Vape is using an electronic device to get nicotine through steam (nicotine is optional). A selected e-juice for vaping is heated by the evaporator in your vape and creates steam. An evaporator, or vape, is what is used to get nicotine (if you choose this).

There is a whole sea of ​​vape’s out there and there is one for all tastes.
Mechanical, regulated, mtl, cigalike, yes supply is large and within these categories there are several subcategories.

So, how does a vape work?
  1. A vape works in different ways but everyone has a basic process. That looks like this.
  2. The battery in the unit drives the burner which is activated by a button located on your vape.
  3. The combustor in turn heats up the liquid that produces steam
  4. When the liquid is heated, the steam is produced.
  5. Then you inhale in and out through the nozzl.
Then comes the question, what is an e-juice?

Ejuice is a liquid designed for ecigs, which contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerta (VG). Ejuice for vaping comes in several different flavors, one for each person.
Before nicotine was already added to the ejuice for vape. But today because of new laws, one must add the nicotine itself if one wants it.

What different vapes are there out there?


As the name says, is a vape that looks like a regular cigarette. In a cigalike you do not use ejuice, but it comes with “cartridges” that you attach to the back.

Vape pen

Vape pen

This is a larger version of a cigalike, it contains several parts since cigalikes only have battery plus cartridges. this has nozzle, clearomiser and a battery.
Cigvape pen is good for those who want a vape where you can decide for yourself what taste you want, since the clearomise is a tank where you fill up the ejuice yourself.
It is also better for your finances as you do not have to throw and buy new ones.

Box mod

Most have larger batteries than a cigvape pen and also larger combustor / tank. Which means more steam and more flavor.
You can regulate the temperature and the effect on a box mod. Which gives you more freedom to get exactly what you want out of your vaping.

In short, the sea is almost infinite and there is a vape for everyone’s taste and style. Today you can get custom made fashion, coils in different designs, colors, juices, yes everything you can think of. Swish into your local vape store or visit someone online, take your time, have questions and there is always someone available to you.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is vital for your body

Man cannot produce his own vitamin C

But almost all animal species, from insects to mammals, can. We need to get it through diet or supplements. If you compare with the animals, we would humans produce the equivalent of 12-14 grams of vitamin C per day! Vitamin C can be called an anti-stress vitamin because when stress is produced 5-20 times more. Scientists say millions of people have been diagnosed with vitamin C deficiency worldwide. And vitamin C supplements can improve blood pressure, dental health and joints (connective tissue), and more.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Is needed to increase the resistance to infections and strengthen the adrenal glands. It is a central antioxidant, and is needed, among other things. To get strong mucous membranes and blood vessel walls as well as for connective tissue. Vitamin C reduces the risk of getting depressive syndrome and is important for the balance of brain chemistry.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin C

Citrus fruits, blackberries, peppers, green vegetables. Such as broccoli and brussels sprouts, and fruits such as strawberries, guava, mango and kiwi are particularly good sources.

Vitamin C makes it easier for the body to absorb several nutrients, among other things. iron, zinc, copper, calcium and vitamin B9 – folic acid. Vitamin C works oxidation protection for fat-soluble vitamins and other fats. Vitamin C prevents exercise pain during physical exercise.

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant as the vitamin neutralizes the free radicals

If you exercise a lot, your need for vitamin C may increase as you dispose of more fluid. Because vitamin C is water soluble, it will disappear with urine and you may need some extra vitamin C.

Vitamin C contributes
  • To maintain normal functioning of the immune system during and after intensive physical exercise
  • Normal collagen formation important for the normal functioning of blood vessels, the normal function of the bone, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth
  • To reduce fatigue and fatigue
  • Normal function of the nervous system
  • To increase the iron uptake
  • Normal energy conversion

Early symptoms of vitamin C deficiency may be symptoms such as fatigue, feeling dull, poor appetite, drowsiness, difficulty in resisting infection.

Side effects

Any excess of vitamin C is excreted with the urine and the side effects are therefore uncommon. You should, however, avoid eating gram doses for an extended period. As the vitamin can then act as a pro-oxidant rather than an antioxidant, and instead accelerate the degradation of the cells.

CBD Oil Uk

Have you ever heard about CBD Oil and the cannabinoid system? Today i am going to tell you a story about how i came across this amazing product. And how it has helped me take back my life and really started living again.

5 years ago

i was involved in a car accident and i broke my leg in 3 different places. Ever since then i have gone through 4 operations in my leg. And this last 2 years i have been really struggling. With phantom pains and a hard time walking without a cane. For the pain i have been ordered to take these pills from my doctor. And for the walking they have just offered me to go to the gym every other week.

broken knee

This has been a spiral that is just going downwards instead of up and my life had become. A real nightmare with pain every hour of the day until a friend told me. About this CBD products he had been using for his back pain. When he talked about how fast and how much his CBD oil was helping him for his pain. I almost thought he was lying or at least not objective.

kne bedtime

4 months ago he got a gift from his normal CBD shop and it contained. A bonus card for one free CBD oil so he asked me if i wanted to try it. And as my own options to getting better with my own problems was not going in the right direction. I thought i had nothing to loose, even though i had never tried. Or even been close to Cannabis in my entire life.

I used the Bonus Card

to buy a 10% CBD oil from Advance Biotech here in UK. And i have to say the process of getting this to my doorstep. In just 2 days was just as easy as getting my tea ready in the morning. 🙂 I followed the instructions and started with one drop of CBD oil. And already that first night i could feel some sort of relief. And woke up really early and felt so fresh.

cbd oil

Now 4 months later i am totally of the opiats my doctor had instructed me. To take and also i am going to the gym every day and my cane is long gone. This has really helped me so much i can thank my friend enough for this perfect product.

Chaga, a sponge with many benefits

You may not have heard of blastpicks, also called chaga mushrooms. But when you learn how beneficial ticks can be, you will surely want to use this important nutritional source. Tickor can usually be seen as an outgrowth on trees.

Mushrooms grow in an amazing variety of varieties. Some are edible, other toxic, and some are and hallucinogenic, so-called magic fungi. There is another, very healthy mushroom variety that has been celebrated for centuries for its medicinal properties. Chaga belongs to this group.

Chaga has been used as a medicinal plant

Since the Middle Ages, the king is called medicinal fungus. The fungus grows on birches and looks like a charred rough growth. It sits there for 15-30 years and concentrates the industry.

Chagas rich nutritional content

Chaga has a complex content of nutrients that include, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polysaccharides, phytochemicals, melanin, amino acids, sterols, saponins, betulinic acid and SOD. The fungus contains powerful antioxidants and has a very high ORAC value between 60,000-360,000.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity

And measured at 100 grams of food. The ORAC corresponds to the strength that a substance has to neutralize free radicals. That cause oxidative stress in the body, which can help break down body cells. Antioxidants thus have the ability to protect the cells and promote a normally functioning immune system. The darker the fungus is, the higher the concentration of melanin has, which. Among other things, is good for our skin.

Chaga is available for purchase as pieces, finely ground powder or instant. The pieces or powder should be boiled up. And then allowed to lie in the warm water, so that all the goods are extracted. When the water has a golden color and a mild taste of vanilla, your tea is ready. Instant chaga is the most common today. It is already pre-cooked or extracted with alcohol and can then be poured into hot water and drink directly.

Gives Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is when the body is turning down and its daily repair process begins. But many suffer from poor or too little sleep. And therefore always feel tired in the morning, mentally blurred, and generally do not work as well as they should.

One of the many benefits of chaga tea is that it naturally improves your sleep. Unlike many heavy medications that can be addictive.

The mechanisms that make chaga improve sleep are unclear. But its ability to help you cope with stress. Is really worth taking into consideration and it is also said to promote relaxation. Both important factors for sleeping peacefully. Don’t forget that a good night’s sleep can help raise your testosterone levels as well.

Chaga in practice

Chaga is a super food that grows freely in our forests and everyone can pick and enjoy. Ask the landowner for permission before picking, for safety’s sake. You can damage the tree when you pick them. As they sometimes sit hard and have to be removed with the ax. Chaga is a parasitic fungus, so it is believed to shorten the life of the tree. In other words, the tree with a blast can already be damaged.